Simpson Shadehouse - Adelaide Botanic Gardens

Simpson Shadehouse - Adelaide Botanic Gardens

17 April 2015

A Peeling

We bought a dwarf  'Tropical Beauty' Apple tree  from Diggers about 3 years ago and this is its first real crop - it had a couple of fruits last year but rats or possums (or both) or maybe even the dog ate them before they could be picked by human hand!  This year under netting the tree produced just over 950g of fruit.  Tropical beauty is a 'low chill' apple suitable for growing in subtropical and temperate regions.  In addition, it's self pollinating and being a dwarf can be grown in a large pot or half-wine barrel.  It grows or can be pruned to about 2 metres.  It has a mainly green skin with slight red blush and a bloom which makes it look dull but which is easy to rub off.  The fruit also tends to have 'sides' rather than being round.  And as the photo shows, it has a golden flesh.  But what does it taste like?  The real test!  It's juicy and sweet!  Well worth trying if you want to grow apples but you don't get enough cold days to grow 'traditional' varieties and you have limited space.

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