Simpson Shadehouse - Adelaide Botanic Gardens

Simpson Shadehouse - Adelaide Botanic Gardens

06 July 2014

Correa "Royal Blush"

This is another natural correa hybrid whose parents are thought to be Correa alba var. alba and Correa reflexa var. scabridula.  Correa "Royal Blush" is a ground cover with an attractive large flower and aromatic leaves.  It's quite useful for rockeries and for filling spaces in the garden.

04 July 2014

Rosemary flowers

Once upon a time the only garden rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) was an upright small shrub with pale blue flowers but over time different forms (prostrate) and flower colours have been introduced.  Here's pink and a "Tuscan blue" flowering rosemary bushes side by side.

02 July 2014

Correa 'Redex'

Correa 'Redex' is a South Australian natural hybrid found on Kangaroo Island.  Its parents are thought to be Correa reflexa and Correa decumbens and "Redex" is derived from these species' names (the 're' and 'x' from reflexa and the 'de' from decumbens!).  It's not derived from the motoring products brand name.  Some Correa enthusiasts tried to re-register the plant as Correa "Dancing Lipsticks" but this was rejected by the Australian registration authority as Correa "redex" was a prior name.

Correa 'Redex" grows to about 2 metres tall and can fill spaces between other shrubs or trees as it tends not to spread like many other correas.  It's frost and drought hardy.

01 July 2014

Alyogyne huegelii

It's pleasing to see Alyogyne huegelii (Native Hibiscus) in flower at this time of year.  There are a number of Alyogyne cultivars in nurseries these days but the genus in the wild occurs almost exclusively in Western Australia or South Australia.  Although it grows in arid or low rainfall conditions naturally, Alyogyne huegelii seems quite adaptable to heavier, wetter soils and doesn't even seem to mind partial shade.  It fills a spot in gardens with bright flowers in mid winter.