Simpson Shadehouse - Adelaide Botanic Gardens

Simpson Shadehouse - Adelaide Botanic Gardens

15 May 2016

Wild Rocket and Broad Beans

We grew tomatoes in a wicking bed over summer so I've planted it with a winter crop of Wild Rocket and Broad Beans.  The latter add nitrogen to the soil whilst CSIRO experiments have shown that Wild Rocket fumigates soil that has been previously had tomatoes growing in it.  Wild Rocket is more efficient than Mustard which is sold by some outlets as a natural soil fumigant.

10 May 2016

Cara Cara Oranges

Our Cara Cara Oranges are ripening!  Cara Cara is a cross between Blood Orange and Washington Navel.  It has the sweetness of the Navel (possibly sweeter) and the flesh of the Blood Orange.  This will be our first crop.  We actually had 10 oranges two years ago but a branch broke from a tree, hit the top of a second tree and that fell on the Cara Cara taking off only the branches with the ripening oranges.  It has taken the tree two years to recover so I hope we have better luck this year.