Simpson Shadehouse - Adelaide Botanic Gardens

Simpson Shadehouse - Adelaide Botanic Gardens

30 March 2014

Correa eburnea (Deep Creek Correa)

I was delighted to find this correa in flower today.  Correa eburnea or Deep Creek Correa is a threatened species which grows in the Fleurieu region of South Australia.  It is associated with rivers, creeks, streams and waterfalls so it can probably tolerate some flooding but it is also drought hardy when established (South Australia has few rivers that flow all year).  I planted this in winter 2013 in a shady location so it's likely that Deep Creek Correa can tolerate quite a bit of shade.  Like all correas, it is attractive to small honey-eaters and like most correas it flowers from autumn to spring when many other native nectar plants are dormant.

29 March 2014

Correa calycina (Hindmarsh Correa)

Correa calycina is a South Australian correa which grows on Fleurieu Peninsula and is sometimes called Hindmarsh Correa.  It forms a very neat bush up to about a metre high and wide, with lemony coloured flowers and it is attractive to small honey eaters.  This is a newly planted one but it's already flowering which is quite gratifying (especially for the birds).  Correa calycina is a rare species which is considered to be threatened in the wild.

27 March 2014

Enchylaena tomentosa (Ruby saltbush)

Ruby saltbush is a very adaptable native groundcover which grows in tropical, subtropical and temperate areas of Australia, in full sun and partial shade and, being a saltbush, it's very drought tolerant.  It has also been shown to attract beneficial predators and for that reason it's grown in market gardens which has resulted in reduced use of pesticides (see Gardening Australia 13/10/2012).  Ruby saltbush also has small orangey-yellow berries which are edible, although having tried them myself I can say they don't have much flavour!  It seeds quite readily so, in time, you can have quite an area covered by them if you wish.  Or give plants to friends for their vegetable gardens.

26 March 2014

More Bromeliads

Autumn seems to be a good time to have bromeliads flower in the garden.  Here are three examples.

04 March 2014


Bromeliads are generally easy to grow as long as they have shade and occasional watering.  Most of them are easy care plants.