Simpson Shadehouse - Adelaide Botanic Gardens

Simpson Shadehouse - Adelaide Botanic Gardens

30 June 2014

Angiopteris evecta

Angiopteris evecta (also known as King fern or Giant fern) was thought to be extinct in the wild in NSW until a single plant was discovered in 1978.  It can also be found growing in rainforests in Queensland.  Angiopteris is considered to be a primitive species which goes back to the ancient Gondwana flora. This specimen can be found in the Bicentennial Conservatory in Adelaide Botanic Gardens.

And this is the Conservatory from the outside!

28 June 2014

Simpson Shadehouse

Here are three photos taken on Monday (23 June) from the entrance to the Simpson Shadehouse in the Adelaide Botanic Garden.  Interestingly the Staghorns (Platycerium superbum) that used to hang on the internal walls of the shadehouse have all been moved outside to the southern wall of the shadehouse (facing away from the sun).  They are visible in the photo accompanying this post.

23 June 2014

Pandanus roots

I didn't go to the tropics to capture these pandanus roots on camera.  It has been an exceptionally cold, windy and rainy winter's day over much of South Australia today but the garden path led me once again to the Adelaide Botanic Gardens and my first visit to the Bicentennial Conservatory.  I was expecting it to be warm and humid within but expenditure cuts have meant that the conservatory doesn't get heated as it once did.  It was 14 degrees C inside but at least the chilling wind was absent.  There's a demonstration of aquaponics at the northern end of the conservatory which is well worth a visit!

16 June 2014

Happy Wanderer

Hardenbergia violacea "Happy Wanderer" is a vigorous Australian native climber in the pea family.  It trails up trellises or wire fences or on wire netting around the base of a tree (like this one).  It's very easy care, drought hardy once established and provides a wonderful floral display at this time of year (winter).