Simpson Shadehouse - Adelaide Botanic Gardens

Simpson Shadehouse - Adelaide Botanic Gardens

15 February 2015

Correa decumbens 'Mount Lofty' (Spreading Correa)

This South Australian Correa started flowering before Christmas so it's definitely one of the Summer flowering Correas (most of which flower in Autumn or Spring).  As its species name suggests, Correa decumbens is supposed to be "decumbent" or spreading although I have two other type plants which were sold as spreading but so far are anything but!  However, this selection, often sold just as Correa 'Mount Lofty', does spread and forms a dense small bush that can fill a small, part shaded area in any temperate garden.  It's frost and drought hardy but is happy in moist ground as well so it's quite adaptable.  The flower of Correa decumbens is different from other correas in that it has anthers which protrude quite a long way beyond the petals whereas most other correas have anthers that are completely within or barely protrude from the petals.

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