Simpson Shadehouse - Adelaide Botanic Gardens

Simpson Shadehouse - Adelaide Botanic Gardens

06 October 2014

Lomandra hystrix in flower

The Lomandra genus is classified in (of all things) the Asparagaceae family and there are 51 species, all of them native to Australia (two also extend to New Guinea and New Caledonia).  Lomandra hystrix originates from the east coast of Australia (from Northern Queensland to Taree in NSW).  It grows along creeks and is tolerant of shade.  Many Lomandras have fragrant flowers although I didn't notice much scent from this one.

There are some other delightful small Lomandras, native to South Australia (Lomandra nana and Lomandra fibrata or Mt Lofty Matrush), which are rare but which ought to be in cultivation as they are small tufted plants with soft foliage (unlike their larger siblings) which would suit small gardens as well as bush gardens.  They also provide an important habitat to some native butterflies.

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