Simpson Shadehouse - Adelaide Botanic Gardens

Simpson Shadehouse - Adelaide Botanic Gardens

08 September 2014

Philotheca myoporoides (Native Daphne or Long-leaf Wax Flower)

Philotheca myoporoides (which used to be named Eriostemon myoporoides) is an easy care Australian plant that provides a pleasant bloom of small white flowers in late winter and early spring.  It also has fragrant leaves.  It grows naturally along the eastern coast of Australia and in cultivation it seems to prefer dappled shade so it's quite useful for providing some interest in shady parts of the garden.  Of course, with all those flowers at this time of year, bees love it!

This one has grown to about a metre and seems to have stayed at that height for now but I've seen much larger individual plants as well as mass plantings trimmed as hedges.  It's quite easy to grow from cuttings although they might take a while to take root.  There are also some cultivars that have larger flowers.

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