Simpson Shadehouse - Adelaide Botanic Gardens

Simpson Shadehouse - Adelaide Botanic Gardens

08 May 2014

Correa pulchella 'Pink Mist'

Correa pulchella (pulchella = beautiful) is a South Australian correa which has many forms and flower colour gradations.  Correa pulchella 'Pink Mist' was discovered in the wild on southern Yorke Peninsula and was registered in 1987 as a cultivar.  The shade of pink is described as "red group 48D" on the Royal Horticultural Society colour chart!  It's a compact shrub which eventually reaches 75cm high and a metre wide but it can be pruned to keep it smaller.  'Pink Mist' seems happy in moist well drained soils with partial shade but it's also drought hardy and will grow in full sun.  It will also grow in heavy shade although, in my experience, flower production suffers.

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