Simpson Shadehouse - Adelaide Botanic Gardens

Simpson Shadehouse - Adelaide Botanic Gardens

31 January 2014

Correa lawrenceana (red form)

Like most correas, Correa lawrenceana takes many forms and there are half a dozen or so recognised varieties.  Correa lawrenceana occurs mainly in Tasmania (where one form can grow to be a small tree) and Victoria.  This "red form" variety in the garden has reached 2 metres in height and is covered with these purple-red flowers that attract honeyeaters and the plant provides a great deal of dense shelter to protect them from predators.  Frankly the photo is flattering to the look of the flowers which are a little manky in reality but the birds don't care what they look like, just that the flowers are a desirable food source.  I'd suggest that this would be a good background bush to cover up an unsightly fence or to provide some privacy, particularly as a hedge.  This bush seems to be remarkably drought hardy and it can be grown from cuttings.

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